June 2022 – Current




“Just in time for SF Pride weekend, WELCOME by Illuminate, debuted at the Ferry Building, beaming a 4.1-mile-long bright rainbow — courtesy of an array of six laser beams — down Market Street toward Twin Peaks.

The light display was organized at a fast pace. The successful showcase further cementing the notion that San Francisco has remained a focal point and ubiquitous symbol for securing and pushing LGBTQIA+ rights across not only the country, but world.

The piece, itself, measures about 49 feet wide and utilizes high-powered laser beams capable of shooting light miles away; in this specific case, the six lasers used — each designed to shine a Pride-themed rainbow color — can project a 4.1-mile-long beacon of queer solidary from the Ferry building and down Market Street; each of the beams is aimed at a 3-degree angle, so they could reach above Twin Peaks in the distance.


Ferry Building

1 Ferry Building,
San Francisco, CA 94105


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