Grace Light


October 2019—Present


“Filling the iconic Grace Cathedral with a mesmerizing curtain of moving light and music.”

Grace Light, a large-scale immersive light installation by artist George Zisiadis, enjoyed rave reviews.

Featuring an original score by Gabriel Gold, the 100-foot curtain of shifting light offers an extraordinary, almost other-worldly experience. As light emanates from the uppermost eaves directly above Grace Cathedral’s famed labyrinth, a slight atmospheric haze envelopes viewers in a colossal curtain of gorgeously shifting light.


Grace Cathedral

1100 California St,
San Francisco, CA 94108

Scheduled Viewings Only

George Zisiadis, Artist

George Zisiadis is a Berkeley, CA-based artist and designer. Zisiadis’ artwork is driven by Sherrie Rabinowitz’s idea that artists must create at the same scale which society has the capacity to destroy. A lifelong love of the commons, instilled from growing up in New York City, led Zisiadis to focus on large-scale, site-specific public installations, striving to create spaces of both communal and individual transcendence. Zisiadis’ work is conceptually driven, with each project involving different media and cross-disciplinary teams. Gabriel Gold is a San Francisco, CA based music composer, multi-media artist and environmental advocate. A 2019 Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s revered Grace Cathedral, Gold has also been a featured artist with MEDIATE Art Group’s 2015 Soundwave Biennial. His works have been shown at renowned institutions throughout the world, including the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, SIM Gallery (Iceland), and Nordic House (Faroe Islands), with his most recent exhibition, “View Above, Voice Within”, a collaborative work with Finnish visual artist Lasse Lecklin, inspired by the glaciers of Iceland, opening at the Turku Kunsthalle (Finland) in February 2019.

Gabriel Gold, Artist

Gabriel Gold is a San Francisco, CA and Reykjavik, Iceland based music composer, multi-media artist and environmental advocate.

Gold’s musical works, often site-specific to acoustically resonant and “sacred spaces”, aim to merge the worlds of classical and modern composition with traditions of sacred music, intending to inspire thoughts of our relationship to “what is sacred?”, both, in regard to us as human beings and of our relationship to the natural world.

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