San Francisco to honor Orlando’s 49 victims with permanent dedications on The Bay Lights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JUNE 14 — In a show of solidarity with the families, friends and extended community of the 49 people slain in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub attack, 49 lights will be dedicated on THE BAY LIGHTS as part of San Francisco’s upcoming PRIDE celebration.

A single LED light will be dedicated in the name of each of the deceased, allowing the love that defined that person’s life to permanently shine in the San Francisco night sky.

The gift of the dedications will be made by ILLUMINATE, the non-profit organization that presented The Bay Lights, a monumental public art installation by artist Leo Villareal on the western span of the Bay Bridge.

“San Francisco serves as beacon love and hope to the LGBT community globally.” says ILLUMINATE founder Ben Davis. “In the dark shadows that spawn acts of hatred, we are committed to spreading the light of love.”

SF LGBT Center Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe, welcomed the Orlando dedications as important and reassuring. “The desire to live free and with dignity, to love fully without the fear of persecution, is a transcendent human value,” she said. “We grieve for the LGBTQ, Latino, and entire Orlando community and humbly acknowledge these dedications on behalf of a vast global group of individuals who have long suffered extreme violence for who they are and who they love.”

SF Pride Board President Michelle Meow said “Rainbows are made of light. And light is love.”

The first Orlando dedication can be viewed here: https://sif.illuminate.org/lights/10053
The remaining dedications will be posted between June 20 and June 27, 2016, and will include the hashtags #LGBT #ShineItForward and #SFPride.

The special dedications are being made through ILLUMINATE’s Shine It Forward program which allows anyone to dedicate one of The Bay Lights 25,000 LEDs in honor of a loved one or special occasion.

ILLUMINATE is a San Francisco-based non-profit arts organization that aims to alter the arc of human history through the creation of transformational works of public art. The group’s flagship project, The Bay Lights, has become a permanent installation on the Bay Bridge. ILLUMINATE’s next major project is LIGHTRAIL, an illuminated art installation along two-miles of San Francisco’s Market Street. For more information, visit illuminate.org.