Illuminate’s Core Supporters

“Providing the backbone to our financial stability is a core of committed philanthropists who have pledged to provide operational support over multiple years. This critical funding allows Illuminate to pursue large-scale works of public art across San Francisco. Illuminate would like to thank our core supporters: Illuminaries ($50,000 per year for three years):
  • Leslie and Keith Blodgett
  • Eliza Brown
  • Chip Conley Foundation
  • J.P. Conte
  • Lisa and Douglas Goldman Foundation
  • Susan Karp and Paul Haahr
  • Matt Mullenweg
  • Niantic Labs
  • Emily Scott
Torchbearers ($25,000 per year for three years)
  • Allison and Tod and Nielsen
Lamplighters ($10,000 per year for three years)
  • Xochi and Michael Birch
  • Carla and David Crane