Conservatory of Flowers

Bringing the Power of Light to the Summer of Love 2017.

The Conservatory of Flowers is Golden Gate Park’s undisputed architectural crown jewel by day. By night, however, this cherished 138-year old historical landmark disappears.

A passionate group of San Franciscans seeks to change that. Through light’s power of attraction and enlightenment, we will enliven the Conservatory of Flowers’ mission:

Connecting people and plants in a place of beauty.

If funding is secured and all goes to plan, on June 21st, our Summer Solstice, Illuminate will bring the power of light to the Conservatory of Flowers all summer in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love.

Illuminate is the catalyst and presenter of this project, working in close collaboration with Obscura, San Francisco Recreation and Park, the Californian Historical Society, and, of course, the Conservatory of Flowers.

Sign up here to keep informed. If there’s a Summer Solstice Sunset Celebration, we want to see you there. With flowers in your hair.

To support this project, give directly to the Conservatory of Flowers.