Amy Critchett

Executive Producer

ITA to me, means suspending any presets of what is viable, reasonable or seemingly acknowledged as acceptable behavior - to create mind-boggling beautiful art - aka The Bay Lights.


The Bay Lights Executive Producer, Amy Critchett is a key member of ITA and THE BAY LIGHTS executive team, and is cofounder and former executive director of ITA. In leading the development and management of Leo Villareal’s largest artwork to date, she built community, grew international awareness and assembled a world-class team to produce this complex and highly creative ongoing event. She also co-directed the launch of ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network and its biannual international arts festival. Amy was part of the initial team that launched and built WIRED Magazine, later holding Executive Producer posts at cutting-edge convergence cable startups ZDTV and Oxygen Media, followed by roles as Director of Marketing for online leaders One Economy and Uth TV. As Founder and Principal of AC Eclectic Creative Services Worldwide, she has worked with notables from NASA to Nike, including Chip Conley, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management, Linden Labs, NASA and Woolsey For Congress.