Golden Mile Beer & Wine Garden Reopens

San Francisco’s beloved Golden Mile Beer & Wine Garden, situated within the charming confines of Golden Gate Park’s 14th Ave East Meadow, is set to welcome patrons again starting today (Memorial Day weekend). This delightful locale, an offering from Illuminate, presents a vibrant amalgam of recreation, music, and relaxation, intended to invite all city dwellers and visitors to its welcoming space.

Operating from noon to 7 pm every Saturday and Sunday, and also on Monday, June 19th, in commemoration of Juneteenth, the garden aims to create an atmosphere of community and tranquility. Patrons are invited to settle into one of the cozy Adirondack chairs or convene at the picnic tables. An assortment of lawn games adds a playful note to the possibility of a languid summer afternoon.

Adding to the garden’s allure is its showcase of local culinary culture. A rotating selection of food trucks offers diverse gastronomical experiences, while an evolving roster of live musicians grace the “Garden Stage”, ensuring a fresh and lively ambiance each weekend.

In keeping with the inclusive intention behind the Golden Mile, the Beer & Wine Garden extends its warm welcome to families and their four-legged friends. And while the specifics of the much anticipated whale-watching attraction remain a surprise, the assurance is that it will captivate visitors.

A reimagining of beloved green space awaits San Franciscans ready to create summer memories outside. We invite you to express your own sense of community on the Golden Mile, amid the rejuvenating spirit of Golden Gate Park.